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Sarai Kale Khan Cremation Ground has been real, personalised funeral services, assisting the community in honouring, mourning, celebrating, healing, and rejuvenating

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We are constantly striving towards excellence in the field of emergency medical response.
A dead body freezer box is available for hire through The Last Journey services. They’re made with the intention of preserving the body of the departed.
A loved one's cremation service is an important part of the funeral service. The family says their final goodbyes to the departed through cremation.
When a loved one passes away, you are left grieving, and planning a funeral can be a difficult undertaking.
We spend our entire lives commemorating milestones such as births, successes, weddings, and other anniversaries.
Asthi Visarjan is the spreading or immersion of the ashes of the cremated remains that are left.

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    Sarai Kale Khan Cremation Ground and Electric Crematorium is one of Delhi’s most popular cremation sites, having a large space area and multiple facilities for your loved one’s cremation. Sarai Kale Khan Cremation Ground in Delhi, known for executing Antyeshti or Hindu Funeral Rites, empathetically caters to many grieving families. We’re located conveniently in the South East district in Delhi and is said to be a good spot for last rites.Our experienced and skilled team will assist you with every aspect of the cremation service. We will assist you in carrying out the cremation ceremony with ease by keeping sensitivity in mind. Our professionals will walk you through the entire process, from booking an ambulance for the cremation ceremony to choosing a cremation place. We want to make the cremation procedure easier for you during these difficult times, so you can say goodbye to your loved ones without feeling burdened.

    When a loved one dies away, Sarai Kale Khan Cremation Ground and Electric provides a comprehensive solution for all you need. We will assist you with funeral services, a dead corpse van, and priests.Our funeral services provide a personal touch so you don’t have to worry about the details. With a variety of funeral and memorial ceremonies, we assist families in paying appropriate tribute to their loved ones.

    Sarai Kale Khan Cremation Ground and Electric is located at Ganga Vihar in New Delhi, at the back of the Sarai Kale Khan Road. It is most renowned for being Delhi’s oldest and busiest burning ghat for practising Antyesti (Antim Sanskar), Hindu death ceremonies, with 50–60 pyres burning every day. It also features an electric crematorium that was established in the 1980S, as well as a CNG-powered crematorium that was added in 2006 by the municipal corporation that oversees the cremation facilities.

    The entrance of the crematorium is huge, and mourners may be seen doing the necessary while performing the last rites of their loved ones. Even though it has both traditional as well as electric crematorium set up nearby to this location to assist this deed, people still prefer the traditional approach of completing a funeral. Recently, the Sarai Kale Khan Cremation yard was extended by 1,000 metres to 4,000 metres to accommodate additional pyres. This is being done to avoid the huge lines as a result of the significant increase in COVID-19 cases. Please reach out to us to know more about our services.